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2021 Global Airborne Lidar System Market Value Will Reach $1.55 Billion
Apr 24, 2018

According to the April 9th issue of the asdnews website, published in the April 9, 2018, based on the market intelligence report for the “2016-2021 Global Airborne Lidar System Market, Analysis and Forecast” published by ASD Reports, the global airborne laser radar system market is expected to reach the end of 2021. US$1.55 billion, CAGR was 16.1% during 2016-2021. In the past decade, a revolution in remote sensing technology has resulted in the addition of new on-board graphics/drawing technologies such as light detection and ranging (Lidar). In recent years, airborne LiDAR has been traction-driven by providing highly efficient and cost-effective remote sensing data.

LiDAR is a remote sensing technique that basically measures the variable distance between a platform and a ground object in the form of a pulsed laser. LiDAR is considered to be a revolutionary airborne mapping technology with its cost-effective and clever way to provide high-precision terrain data. Although this technology has existed for several years, the number of airborne LiDAR manufacturers is still relatively small compared to airborne LiDAR mapping services. However, a developing consensus in the aerospace drawing industry is that the airborne LiDAR is a digital geospatial model that is precisely created by it, and is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional technologies.

Due to the huge demand for airborne imaging systems around the world, the technological advantages of LiDAR compared to traditional sensors, and the growing demand for miniaturized MEMS sensors, the market for airborne LiDAR systems has seen rapid growth. Recent innovations in LiDAR equipment and services have enabled Airborne LiDAR technology to be applied to a wider range of consumer groups in the industry. However, high LiDAR prices and complex LiDAR design and development have brought huge challenges to market growth. The industry is developing emerging technologies such as single photon mode LiDARs, LiDARs based on Geiger mode avalanche diode (APD) arrays, and high-end graphics processing units. It is expected that this will lead to stronger competition in the near future and promote the development of Development of primary remote sensing equipment containing LiDAR mapping and monitoring. In addition, the airborne LiDAR system market also includes the development of component technologies such as lasers, inertial measurement units (IMUs), global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), and graphics processing units, which will help to significantly reduce LiDAR costs and enhance its capabilities.

LiDAR's data capture, the growing number of emerging applications, and innovations in LiDAR technology are the main factors that market participants are expected to create in the coming five years. The market is currently mainly including LiDAR's progress in ground navigation and traffic management; the airborne cartography industry is currently witnessing a rapid increase in the number of airborne LiDARs in earth sciences and forestry. The upcoming airborne mapping technology and LiDAR are replacing the control and monitoring methods in the traditional surface surveying industry.

The focus of the aeronautical mapping industry is to make the system and services more affordable and accessible to a wider range of end users. With the rapid growth in the use of airborne LiDAR, various end users, including aerospace and defense, earth science and research, civil engineering, forestry and agriculture, mining, ground transportation and logistics, are investing in this market, and Use the aviation mapping industry to create higher income.

According to Ayushi Bajpai, an analyst at BIS Research, in 2016, the mining industry has the highest penetration rate in the airborne LiDAR system market, with a market share of 36.4%. This is mainly due to the ortho-imagery of the mining industry in the market. The increase in the number of LiDAR projects. But according to end-users in the airborne LiDAR system market, geosciences and research predict that the high demand for high-precision airborne LiDAR due to flood modeling, pollution modeling, coastline management, and archeology will boost the market’s speed Rate growth.

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