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Four advantages of fiber laser cutting machine
Jul 24, 2019

1. Very safe. The laser is a non-contact instrument that ensures that the mechanical pressure generated by the material and the instrument are not subject to wear. The ability to divide is independent of the hardness of the material; the ability to cut coatings or surface treatment materials is high.

2. High automation and flexibility. Laser segmentation is easy to integrate with other automation systems and has very high dressing capabilities and changes in capacity requirements. Very often, laser cutting does not require further processing of polishing, deburring, finishing, etc., and can also produce finished parts.

3. Shorten working hours and improve product quality. Laser segmentation is an advanced technology choice with simple operation, fast cutting speed and high precision.

4. Extreme environmental protection. The laser beam can be focused in a very small area (0.1 to 1 mm in diameter) with a low heat change near the cutting edge. Unlike water splitting and conventional cutting systems, no mechanical pressure is applied to the light sheet, and laser cutting has a complex contour and a very small curvature of light.

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