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3D CO2 Laser Etching Machine

3D CO2 Laser Etching Machine

Product Name: 3D CO2 Laser Etching Machine
Classification: 3D Laser Etching Machine
Application: non-metal materials, etc
Place Of Origin: China

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Product Details

The 3D CO2 Laser Etching Machine integrates a radio frequency laser (metal seal) imported from America or Germany and a high-speed scanning system with 3D dynamic focus and vibrating mirrors, specially designed to meet the demand of such industries like apparel, leather, artwork and craft and so on for fast cutting and engraving on non-metal materials. With the optimum use of the cutting-edge laser technology, the marking performance of this non-metal laser marking machine is stunningly breathtaking, even doubling the added value of the original products.

Product Parameters    



Laser power


Laser type

CO2 laser (metal seal)

Machine power


Minimum character


Repeat position accuracy


Marking speed


Marking scope

30*30/50*50/60*60/80*80/100*100/120*120mm (optional)

Operating voltage

AC220V/11V,30A ,50Hz/60Hz

Cooling type

Water cooling and protection system

Acceptable graphic format


Average focal spot size


Dynamic axis response time


Net weight


Product Application

1.jpg The 3D laser marker well suitable for the non-metal materials like apparel, leather, rubber, wooden board, bamboo, organic glass, ceramic tile, plastics, marble, jade, crystal, cloth, etc. 

1.jpg This CO2 laser marking machine is often used as leather laser marking machine, cloth laser marking machine,plastics laser marking machine, art craft manufacturing equipment, etc.

Product Features

1.jpg The totally enclosed and maintenance-free laser optical system installed in the 3D marking machine is handy to install without any adjustment.

1.jpg The metal-sealed radio frequency laser imported from America or Germany possesses strong and stable power, high-quality laser spot, and long service life.

1.jpg The tri-axial laser scanning system presents easy and accurate installation, compact and solid structure, effective dust prevention, strong anti-jamming capability and other great advantages. Cooling for the vibrating mirror motor and driver board is taken into full consideration in advance, ensuring its stability in long-time running.

1.jpg The dual cooling system integrating radio frequency laser water cooling and beam expander water cooling ensures the laser marker’ stability in operation and longer service life.

1.jpg The controller card is based on USB interface, and the 3D laser marking machine supports off-line operation, 4-axis (X, Y, Z, R) stepper motor, and external control on start and stop.

1.jpg Eastern Laser originally creates the 3D marking technology, making it possible to precisely mark on non-flat surface with an up to 10cm vertical height difference.


Our Services:

Pre-sale services: enthusiasm

We provide you with the process plan, process flow design and manufacturer equipment according to your special demand.

Sale services: servant

Send technicians to the job site for guiding the installation and adjustment of 3D CO2 Laser Etching Machine, training operators and finishing the check and accept together with you.

After-sale services: faithfulness

To establish long term friendship, we will regularly pay return visit to customers.

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