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High-end laser TV in the end worth buying?
Jan 26, 2018

150-inch "laser TV" or "TV"? This topic has aroused the concern of many users recently. As a senior TV research expert, Xiandao Xiandan today talked about the "laser TV" as a new scientific and technological species.

This thing from the United States, the world casino - Las Vegas Speaking. A few days ago 2018 International Consumer Electronics Fair, Hisense breath at 80, 88 inches, 100 inches and 150-inch 4K laser TV.

Hisense said in March 2018 they will also showcase the world's largest 300-inch laser theater in Shanghai. Changhong, a veteran TV manufacturer, is also pouring a teaspoon of oil on fire. In addition to the 3-color 4K laser theater on display, Changhong has also claimed that it has seven series of monochrome laser cinemas.

Popular tips: RGB three color and color wheel

What is the RGB three primary colors? Human eyes are most sensitive to Red, Green and Blue. Most of the colors in nature can be synthesized by three different colors of red, green and blue according to different proportions. Fundamentals, that RGB principle of the three primary colors. In addition, the three primary colors of red, green and blue are independent of each other, and any one of the primary colors can not be synthesized by the other two primary colors.

On laser TVs, monochrome laser light sources require a two-color wheel system, while two-color (blue and red) laser light sources can be divided into monolithic DLP and three-chip DLP systems. The former has two color wheels, one color wheel and one fluorescent wheel; the latter only needs one green fluorescent wheel.

The imaging process of the monolithic DLP two-color laser system is that both the blue laser and the red laser are involved in the toning, and the blue laser and the green fluorescent powder react to generate the green light to form the RGB three primary colors. After the RGB is combined, white light is formed, Then through the color wheel imaging.

Some manufacturers designers will also join the yellow color segment, mainly because the red and green light can be superimposed into a yellow effect, adding the yellow color segment can greatly improve the laser projection products, the performance of red and green, consumers watch video When the screen, the quality effects will be more cool and more comfortable.

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