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Create Jiangbei most professional laser industry base
Jan 27, 2018

"All the work mentioned in the government work report, especially focusing on the conversion of old and new kinetic energy and building a modern industrial system, will push the industry toward the middle and high end and accelerate the high-end of the traditional industry." In line with the future development strategy of our enterprises Highly consistent, so that we have full confidence in the company's future development. "Zibo City People's Congress, Shandong Raize Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Yan Jingchuan, general manager excitedly said.

Shandong Ze Ze Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on the application of intelligent laser technology, a new type of science and technology companies, but also the only master color ceramic laser marking technology and equipment productivity companies. Yan Jingchuan said that at present, the laser industry is developing at a rapid rate, with a growth rate of 43% in the industry. It has become one of the few industries in the industrial field that is as fast as the Internet. The next 5-10 years, the laser industry will continue to booming rapid growth stage. At present, the ceramic color laser marking system controlled by Radiant Intelligence breaks down the technical barriers and monopolistic advantages of foreign enterprises in this equipment and possesses independent intellectual property rights, and has extensive market value and absolute core competitiveness. "We have set up a joint laboratory with Shandong Polytechnic University." YAN Jing-chuan said that in the next step, Raze Intelligent will build the Laser Laser Industrial Park in Zichuan Economic Development Zone. Through the landing and R & D and innovation of the industrial park project, efforts will be made to promote Shandong Provincial laser processing and laser application industry development, build China's chief high-end laser intelligent solutions provider, promote regional industrial optimization and upgrading.

"At present, we have established cooperation with scientific research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, after which some laser projects can be directly hatched in the park.It is expected that the industrial park will be put into operation by the end of 2018 and will attract 300-500 parts of the upstream and downstream of the laser Business sales here, is expected to 3-5 years will be able to develop to 30 billion -100 billion in the scale of the industry, Jiangbei become the most professional laser industry base. "(Source: Lu Zhong network - Luzhong Morning Post)

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