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Han's Laser Express Annual Performance Express behind the Czech, what factors are supported?
Jan 29, 2018

On the evening of the 16th, Han's Laser Discloses 2017 Annual Results Express. Express notice: During the reporting period, the company achieved total revenue of 11,559,881,851.54 yuan, operating profit of 1,803,362,568.53 yuan, total profit of 1,804,867,841.44 yuan, attribution Net profit of shareholders of listed company of 1,675,064,577.38 yuan, respectively, an increase of 66.12%, 160.92%, 108.11% and 122.08% over the previous year, the company operating results than the previous year Substantial growth.

In this performance bulletin, Han's Laser also made brief explanations on the reasons for the increase of operating performance and financial status during the reporting period: The operating results of the Company showed a substantial increase over the previous year mainly due to the growth of consumer electronics, new energy, high power And PCB equipment demand, the company product orders increased significantly over the previous year.

Han's laser 2017 annual performance has made substantial gains, the following relatively obvious reasons:

First, the Han laser open multi-industry sales model. As a company that is a high-end equipment manufacturer providing system solutions for laser, robotics and automation technology in the field of intelligent manufacturing, Han's main business includes research and development, manufacturing and sales of laser marking, laser cutting, laser welding equipment, and PCB-only Equipment, robots, automation equipment and system solutions for the above-mentioned business.

The company's products are mainly used in consumer electronics, mechanical hardware, automotive shipping, aerospace, rail transportation, power batteries, kitchen appliances, electrical and PCB industries such as metal or non-metallic processing. Company sales network to take direct sales model, at home and abroad have been completed more than 100 offices and contact points, in close contact with customers precise positioning customer needs, product sales scale.

In response to the rapidly changing market, Han's Laser gradually reduces its dependence on a single industry and penetrates into various industries with its leading edge in industrial laser equipment manufacturing. Its consumer electronics business has enjoyed strong growth momentum. In addition, the demand for finishing in the semiconductor, automotive, new energy, display panels, PCBs and LED industries has increased, and the multi-industry sales model is gradually emerging.

Second, the downstream demand is strong. For this reason, we can get a glimpse of the main contents of investor relations activities from the 2016 annual report of Han's Laser and the investor relations activity of Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd. in early January this year.

The consumer electronics industry is an important area where the Company's low-power laser business is focused. After years of accumulated experience in industrial automation, the share of its system integration business has been increasing year by year, and has been fully integrated into all major aspects of the industrial chain. In 2016, the Han's laser system integration business achieved sales revenue of nearly 400 million yuan. Its expansion includes lens processing, headphone processing, cell phone screen assembly and air tightness testing.

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