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In 2020, the scale of laser industry in Hubei will reach 20 billion
Jan 30, 2018

Hubei Province CPPCC National Committee members, vice president of Hubei Province Chamber of Commerce, Honorary President of Hubei Laser Industry Association, Sun Moon Lake Hubei Chairman of the Board said that around 2020, Hubei laser listed companies will reach more than 20, The entire industry scale up to 100 billion yuan scale.

Chairman Sun Wen said at the first press conference of Hubei and Hubei that manufacturing is the main body of the national economy and that the power must first be strong. The pursuit of excellence and quality-oriented craftsmanship is the soul of the manufacturing industry. The craftsmanship and innovation must be regarded as the two pillars of the strategy of strengthening the country.

Intelligent Manufacturing is "Made in China 2025" the main direction. Intelligent Manufacturing is a new production method based on the deep integration of a new generation of information and communication technologies and advanced manufacturing technologies. Hubei how to create "manufacturing strong province"? He believes that innovation-driven, transformation and upgrading, intelligent manufacturing, the implementation of "technology + finance" in-depth integration is to promote Hubei's economic development of high quality route choice.

Hubei high-tech industry representatives: laser

Hubei Wuhan is the birthplace of China's laser industry, with more than 200 laser equipment manufacturers such as Chutian Laser and laborer laser, accounting for half of the country's output. Wuhan Optics Valley has a great influence in the world. The laser Optical communication is the two major themes of Optics Valley.

History has proved that every time a laser enters an industry, a revolution will take place. Developed countries have entered the era of "light manufacturing." For example, 50% of U.S. GDP is related to the laser industry. Made in China 2025, laser technology plays an important role in "smart manufacturing."

Hubei laser industry representatives: Chutian laser

Chutian Laser is the first laser enterprise in China. After 32 years of development, its development is still robust and energetic, maintaining its position as an industry leader. It has 480 national patents and has created 36 first places in China. It has won awards including Hu Jintao, 22 state leaders in person and so on. Chutian has two listed companies, one is the industrial sector, the main laser industrial equipment and laser power supply; the second is the medical sector, the main laser medical equipment. Chutian Laser is planning the third listed company.

Chutian Laser Group's first plate: the Pentium Laser, Chutian Industrial Laser, Zhongguilianuang represented industrial laser industry group, mainly engaged in laser cutting, laser welding and laser marking, laser power and other equipment research and development and production. Laser processing technology has been applied to the Shenzhou series of spacecraft, the company has therefore been awarded the "God six space project meritorious units." Among them, the Pentium Laser Company is a joint venture between Italy ELEN Group and Chutian Laser Group, which mainly produces high-power laser cutting and welding equipment. It is a key enterprise in manufacturing laser processing equipment in China. The largest exporter of laser cutting machine in China, China's high-speed rail manufacturing backbone supporting enterprises, the annual output value of 1 billion yuan. Recently, Pentium laser in one fell swoop signed 50 sets of large laser cutting machine orders, the turnover of more than 100000000 yuan, becoming China's largest single laser transaction history, but also the history of the world's largest laser orders.

The second largest plate of Chutian Laser Group is the medical laser industry represented by the fantastic Laser. Main laser medical equipment and beauty equipment have been developed into the largest medical laser manufacturer in China and the first listed domestic Medical laser enterprises, independent research and development of laser equipment installed capacity of more than 15,000 units. Because of the need for capital operation, QiLu Laser Group has completed its incubation in the Chutian Laser Group and is now operating independently.

Chutian Laser Group's third-largest plate, is represented by Pan Asia Optoelectronics laser industry. Chutian Laser Group and Hubei Daily Media Group joined hands to set up Pan-Asia Chutian Optical Culture Hubei Co., Ltd., the company's main business includes: large-scale tourist attractions and scenic areas to build; large theme park landscape to create; city bright Science and Technology Museum to create and so on.

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