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Holmium laser lithotripsy removes urinary complicated stones
Feb 11, 2018

Recently, Mianyang four hundred and four hospital urology successfully completed a case of difficult and complicated transurethral ureteroscopic holmium laser lithotripsy.

The patient is an elderly woman who has been diagnosed with upper ureteral calculi and multiple stones in the right kidney. According to traditional surgery, more than two surgeries are required to remove all the stones. The hospital urology with transurethral ureteroscopic holmium laser lithotripsy lithotomy new technology successfully remove the patient's body stones. After surgery, patients without complications, the next day will be able to get out of bed, now discharged from hospital.

According to Urology Director Jiang Xiaolei introduction, transurethral ureteroscopic holmium laser lithotripsy is the use of the urinary tract itself to explore the stone cavity through the urethral retrograde directly to the stone site, the use of holmium laser lithotripsy, and then through the body naturally discharged. Compared with the traditional percutaneous nephroscopic surgery in the kidney punctured catheter approach, holmium laser lithotripsy with trauma, no pain, fast recovery and other advantages. Coupled with the soft soft lens material, can be turned in the kidney, but also deal with upper ureteral calculi and kidney first choice, and for some special cases, such as isolated kidney, horseshoe kidney, bleeding tendency, spinal deformity, renal insufficiency, iodine allergy , Rare blood type (RH negative blood, commonly known as "Panda blood") and so on patients with stone, ureteroscopy has a unique advantage.

At present, the hospital urology has completed nearly 20 cases of such surgery, marking the hospital matures the technology. For patients to reduce the pain of surgery, the real damage is small, fast recovery, bringing the new gospel therapy of stones.

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