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Laser welding machine laser cavity adjustment steps
Jul 12, 2019

1. Patrol the reference light source: The red semiconductor laser is the reference for the entire optical path, and must first ensure its accuracy. .

2. Adjust the output mirror (the material diaphragm that determines the output medium). Before adjusting the output mirror, the concentrating cavity with the YAG rod should be removed to avoid the adjustment of the refractive error of the YAG rod in the optical path. The accuracy. The exact position of the diaphragm of the output medium (the substance that determines the effect) should be the exit hole that allows the red light to be at its center and reflect red light back completely to red light, otherwise it should be carefully adjusted by the knob of the diaphragm holder.

3. Inspect the installation position of the YAG rod: affix the transparent adhesive tape to the two ends of the YAG rod sleeve, and observe whether the red light spot is in the middle of the two rod sleeves. If there is any deviation, adjust the concentrating cavity. The position is corrected.

4. Inspect the position of the shutter: manually rotate the reflective lens holder, push the shutter to the light blocking position, and observe whether the red light is in the middle of the lens, and whether the reflected light is located on the absorption cone at the center of the beam terminator, if the position is not Correctly adjusted slightly. Finally, special attention should be paid to the inspection of the shutter reflectors. The contaminated lenses will explode quickly during use. At this point, part of the adjustment of the laser welding machine is completed.

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