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Necessary precautions for operation of laser cutting machine
Nov 13, 2017

Because the main principle of laser cutting machine is to rely on the laser, so in the industrial operation of the time, but also to carry out some necessary protective measures only good, to avoid unnecessary damage to the body. Let's take a look at some of the necessary precautions for the normal operation of the laser cutting principle.

First, pay attention to the protection of the eyes

In general, we use laser cutting machine, we habitually like to stare at the cutting head of laser, but this habit is actually the biggest killer of the eyes, because the long time staring at the sparks produced by the cut, the eyes are hurt, a very clear feeling is that long time to see will make the eyes tingling feeling, This is the most direct damage, at the same time in the laser cutting processing, but also out of a special laser beam of a substance, this material in the processing of the workshop in a highly concentrated, through the eyes of the refractive media directly focused on the retina to form images, This would allow the retina to have an energy density of 104 higher than the energy density of the cornea, causing damage to the cornea or retina of the eye.

Second, skin protection

Apart from the eyes, laser stimulation of the skin is not small, laser can cause damage to the skin tissue, but this damage to the skin can be repaired, although the overall function of the skin may be reduced, but will not affect the overall function of the structure, but if the long time does not pay attention to the laser under the irradiation, May cause the skin burns or leaves the scar, although compared with the eye, the laser to the skin damage to be much smaller, but also should cause enough attention.

Third, respiratory protection

Finally, it is possible to have an impact on our respiratory tract in the operation of the laser cutting machine. Because the laser will produce a certain high temperature, this high-temperature and gas to complete a variety of cutting work, in the process will produce a lot of dust, especially in the processing of some special metal materials, the resulting dust will contain a lot of chemical composition, so inhaled after the human body is harmful.

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