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OFweek2018 (Fifth) China Laser Online Exhibition shock notice2
Feb 13, 2018

Three exhibition area quick tour

The online exhibition will set up laser materials and components, lasers, laser system equipment three exhibitions, will bring together all the subdivision areas of advanced products and cutting-edge technology.

1. Laser materials and components exhibition area

Exhibition range: laser crystal, laser chip, laser diode, laser power, scanning galvanometer, Q switch, optical platform, optical design software, laser accessories and so on.

2. Laser exhibition

Scope of Exhibits: Solid-state lasers, semiconductor lasers, CO2 lasers, excimer lasers, fiber lasers, ultrafast lasers, quantum cascade lasers, disc lasers, vertical cavity surface emitting lasers, terahertz and other light sources.

3. Laser system equipment exhibition

Exhibition range: laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser engraving machine, laser demonstration system, laser heat treatment system, laser texturing system, laser marking and other laser system equipment, laser testing equipment.

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    Office Mob: +8615524105871
    Office Tel: +86-024-31931990
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