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OFweek2018 (Fifth) China Laser Online Exhibition shock notice3
Feb 14, 2018

Featured activities not to be missed

In the context of the Internet +, online exhibitions in the form of new, outstanding advantages, enabling 24 hours a day online display. Different from the traditional offline show, you can significantly reduce the booking site, set the hotel, booth construction, a large number of manpower and other costs. Not only for the buyers and sellers to reduce the intermediate links, reducing the cost of buying and selling, but also to meet the buyers across the geographical constraints look like, inquiry asked materials, the effect of ordering. Of course, this exciting online show more than this:

1. Expert Technical Seminar: During the exhibition, two technical seminars will be held to catch up with the latest trends in the industry and discuss the development direction of the laser industry. At that time, two industry experts will be invited to make online keynote speeches. The theme of the speech will be tentatively drafted as "Research Progress and Application Cases of Ultrafast Laser and Application Case of Fiber Laser in Lithium Welding."

2. Business Technology Cattle lectures: say "experts in the private sector," well-known technology companies Cattle lectures is also very much looking forward to. Enterprises can live in the form of video broadcast of new products, new technologies, live content by the company custom, each online audience of about 150-200 people, invited by the enterprise, the organizing committee to help organize, limited presentation, , Each lecture and interaction time is 60 minutes.

3.VIP invited buyers services: This online show launched a new VIP invited buyers service, to help buyers and sellers to maximize the exclusion of information asymmetry caused by the transaction risk. If you have optoelectronic products and procurement needs, and have the decision-making authority, verified by the organizers, you can apply to become invited buyers. Invited buyers can enjoy one-on-one with the exhibitors to negotiate, access to OFweek interview, giving OFweek Laser Network 2018 online and offline conference tickets and other benefits.

4. Authoritative Selection and Recognition of Industry Innovation: This online exhibition will also carry out the selection of laser products. The organizers will conduct a comprehensive assessment based on the total number of viewers, message numbers and data downloads of all exhibitors, and examine the candidates through OFweek's senior editorial team Unit of the soft and hard power, the final public disclosure of "Top Ten Most Popular Laser Products" Award.

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