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OFweek2018 (Fifth) China Laser Online Exhibition shock notice5
Feb 22, 2018

Professional audience elite convergence

The online show mainly for the laser industry-related businesses, such as sheet metal processing, laser precision machining, power batteries, 3C electronics, intelligent manufacturing, etc .; laser components, lasers, laser equipment manufacturers laser technology traditional applications; laser production And high-level representatives of R & D units; test vendors, control software providers and other professionals interested in laser devices or applications.

When there are 5 or more enterprises or colleges and universities from the laser industry units, after examination by the organizers can be formed into groups, visitors to participate in the online exhibition to enjoy the corresponding interaction. In addition, there are more cash red envelopes, more than 10 teams, reward 50 yuan / group; team of more than 20 people, reward 100 yuan / group; group can also enjoy the exhibitors list and the value of thousand dollars OFweek Laser Network 2018 offline closed-door conference tickets.

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    Office Mob: +8615524105871
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