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GW-6090 Laser Cutting Machine

GW-6090 Laser Cutting Machine

USB interface. Connected to computer easy to operate.Hiwin rails. Famous brand rails make sure cutting/engraving precision....

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Acrylic, Plexiglass, Pmma, Perspex, Organic board, Double color plateYesYes
Plastic, PP, PET, PC, PMMA, PS, PES, PA, Plastic Foils&Films, Polycarbonate, polyester or polyimide membrane keyboardsYesYes
Wood, Bamboo, Veneer, MDF, Blasa wood, PlywoodYesYes
Leather, Pig leather, Cow Leather, Sheep leatherYesYes
Textile, cotton, silk, felt, lace, synthetic & technical textiles, aramid, polyester, fleeceYesYes
Foam & Filter, Mats Polyester (PES), Polyethylene (PE), Polyurethane (PUR)NeoprenYesYes
Paper, Cardboard, Chipboard, Press BoardYesYes
Stone, Ceramic, Granite, Marble, Natural stone, Pebble stone, SlateNoYes
Rubber stamps, Synthetic & Silicone Rubber, Natural rubber, Microporous foam, Silicone rubber, Synthetic rubberYesYes
Glass, Pressed glass, Float glass, Crystal glass, Mirror glassNoYes


USB interface. Connected to computer easy to operate.

Hiwin rails. Famous brand rails make sure cutting/engraving precision.

Stepper motor. Precise motor driver brings better controling.

Panel with emergency stop. Keep operator and machine safe.

US made lens. With longer liftime.

DSP system. Simplify operating, easier for operator. Higher working efficiency.

Back door. Suit for extreme long materials. Widely used on fabrics, leather rolls processing.

Fume exhaust. Exhaust smoke and fume while working. Keep your workshop clean.

Reci/EFR laser tubes for selection.

Optional accessories. Improve applications of this machine. Suitable for multive purpose.

Full complete accessories Clients can use the machine as soon as you get the machine.

Red dot indicate the position of laser beam.

Rotary attachment for cylinder/round work piece.

CCD Camera for automatic fabric/logo cutting.

Motorized worktable for up & down.

Auto focus pin distinctly improves working efficiency.

Auto power off keep safety of operators.

2 laser heads with 2 laser tubes can double the working efficiency.

Auto feeding table suitable for fabric/leather rolls laser cutting.

Our Service

Spot delivery, including delivering small batches of goods

Provide wide-range and complete materials series products

Cutting plates, including complex shapes of materials and special processing and disposal

Cutting bars and strips

Our application technology expert provide the best material and recommendation

One-stop service

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