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The working principle and scope of application of fiber laser cutting machine
Aug 05, 2019

    From the perspective of how to adapt the mold to the size and shape of the workpiece, laser cutting also has the advantage of precision and reproducibility. In the metal processing industry, which has a heavy weight in industrial manufacturing, many metal materials, regardless of their hardness, can be shaped without deformation. (Currently, the most advanced laser cutting system can be used to cut the thickness of industrial steel. 20mm). Of course, for high reflectivity materials such as gold, silver, copper and aluminum alloys, they are also good heat transfer conductors, so laser cutting is difficult or even impossible to cut (some hard-to-cut materials can be cut with a pulsed laser beam, Due to the extremely high pulse wave peak power, the absorption coefficient of the material to the beam is instantaneously increased sharply). As a priority manufacturing method of the laminated mold, since the high-grade mold production is not required, the laser cutting operation cost is not expensive, and the mold manufacturing cost can be remarkably reduced. The additional benefit of laser cutting dies is that the die trim produces a shallow hardened layer (heat affected zone) that improves the wear resistance of the die during operation.

    The non-contact properties of laser cutting give the circular saw blade a stress-free advantage, which increases the length of use. As a new processing method, fiber laser cutting machine has been widely used in the leather, textile and garment industry due to its advantages of precise and fast processing, simple operation control and high degree of automation. The laser laser cutting machine is not only low in price but also low in consumption compared with the conventional cutting method. And because the laser processing has no mechanical pressure on the workpiece, the effect, precision and cutting speed of the cut product are very good. It also has the characteristics of safe operation, simple maintenance and repair, etc. It can work continuously for 24 hours. The dust-free cloth non-woven fabric cut by the laser laser machine does not yellow, and the automatic edge is not scattered, does not deform, does not become hard, the size is consistent and accurate; can cut any complicated shape; high efficiency, low cost, The computer design graphics can cut any size of lace of any size. Fast development: due to the combination of laser and computer technology, As long as the user designs on the computer, Laser engraving (the general name of the three creation methods of engraving, engraving and plasticizing) can be realized and the engraving can be changed at any time.

    The fiber laser cutting machine has no burrs, wrinkles and high precision, which is superior to plasma cutting. For many electromechanical manufacturing industries, modern laser cutting systems due to microcomputer programs can easily cut workpieces of different shapes and sizes. It is often preferred over die cutting and molding processes; although it is slower than die punching, it There is no mold consumption, no need to repair the mold, and it saves time for mold replacement, thereby saving processing costs and reducing product costs, so it is economically more cost-effective.

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