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Characteristics Of Laser Cutting Machine
Nov 13, 2017

1, 64MB high-capacity memory, fast transmission, and can work offline

2, digital electronic control z-axis adjustment, fully automated focus mode

3, Super large workbench and built-in lighting

4, the United States original special air-cooled closed-type metal tube

5, Red light module, CCD automatic positioning

6, functional integrity, easy to learn the work platform

7, modular design, easy maintenance

8, the United States metal laser RF tube, life expectancy of up to 45,000 hours

9, blowing gas, down ventilation system to ensure the quality of processing

10, probe-type autofocus, effectively ensure cutting depth

11, open space, the provision of extended ports can easily add auxiliary automation equipment, very scalable

12, product mature and stable, integrated high, the choice of accessories perfect

13, in line with CDRH CLAS1 safety Standard, CE certification and Rosh certification

14, Ball screw transmission

15, servo drive system to ensure accurate.

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