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Laser Mould Repairing Machine KBF Laser Welding Machine 300W 400W
Feb 05, 2018

 Introduction -- Laser mould repairing machine

  1. The laser source uses German advanced technology, modular gilded cavity. It has the character of high output energy, stable performance and easy maintenance.

  2. The laser power is stimulated by di-pulse XE-lamp, controlled by constant-current pulse, programmed by intelligence program.

  3. It has the protection function of hydraulic pressure, water temperature, under-voltage etc.

  4. CNC 2D working table is controlled by PLC or IPC.  

  5. External structure, like red light locator, manual lifting pillar, automatic rotary device, CCD monitor are optional.

Product Features -- Laser mould repairing machine

  1. High production efficiency and high welding speed,realzing automic mass production on the production line.

  2. Can weld point,line, circle,  elliptical arc,square and other arbitrary planar orbit.

  3. Stable performance, high power, easy for maintaining.

  4. Quick and good quality welding without pollution, efficient and environmental.

  5. Fine, smooth and pretty welding spot without post-welding processing.

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