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Application and features of fiber laser cutting machine
Jul 30, 2019

Fiber laser cutting machine is generally used in machinery, sheet metal, electronic circuit, textile and garment, leather shoes and bags, auto parts, medical equipment, digital products, instrumentation and equipment, optical communication devices, gold and silver jewelry, craft gifts and many other industries, processing products There are several major features:

1. The laser has a very small speed of light and allows for narrow straight edge seams.

2. It can be processed effectively for any hardness, thin plate or thick plate.

3. The cutting edge is high, the workpiece will not be injured, no mechanical deformation, and the processing quality is stable and reliable.

4. No humming during processing.

5. The two workpieces can save the processing materials and working hours with the same trimming edge, combined with the computer, and can reduce the material consumption by the whole sheet discharging.

6. The dividing speed is high, only a short preparation time is required when processing new products, and the production work efficiency is high.

The processing cost of fiber laser cutting machine is mainly due to gas consumption, power loss, equipment depreciation and maintenance and repair costs. No need for molds, for small batches of products or large-volume products with complex shapes, and for products that are suitable for laser processing, the operating cost of laser machines is lower than that of CNC punch presses. In many rice companies, most of them are used together to give full play to the advantages of each white and to achieve the best processing results.

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