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Application of CO2 gas laser processing technology
Jul 05, 2019

Processing advantage

1. Advantages in the field of cutting

The reason why most of the CO2 gas laser processing technology is applied in the field of cutting is that it has two advantages of high precision and good efficiency, which is not available in traditional cutting technologies such as punching, plasma and flame. In developed countries, the annual sales of laser cutting machines is about twice that of punching machines. In China, the opposite is true. The annual sales volume of punch presses is several times that of laser cutting machines. Therefore, China is the most promising market.

2. How to choose the right laser cutting machine

(1) When cutting a metal material having a thickness of 3 mm or less, the laser should have a function of automatically removing burrs. In general, when mechanically moving, in order to ensure the accuracy of the trajectory, it is necessary to decelerate before the inflection point, and then accelerate after the inflection point. If the output power is not controlled in this process, it will cause overheating at the corners, especially sharp angles less than 90°. The glitch is caused by overheating. Laser cutting machines with this function process samples with sharp corners when displayed. Laser cutting machines that do not have this function will process round or square holes during the display, avoiding the weakness of sharp corner machining and highlighting the advantages of speed.

(2) When it comes to speed, it is necessary to discuss the problem of plasma resistance of the electrostatic induction device on the processing head. Most laser cutting machines use electrostatic height control when processing metal sheets. The high-speed cutting is prone to plasma, which interferes with the action of the electrostatic induction device and causes poor processing. High-speed machining also requires that the electrostatic induction device react faster, otherwise the nozzle will collide with the raised material. When cutting carbon steel plate (3 ~ 10mm), the most problem is also in the sharp corner position. If there is no low pulse control technique, fillets are formed at the corners.

(3) When cutting carbon steel thick plates (10mm or more), if the optical mold of the laser processing machine is not ideal, in addition to melting at the sharp corners, excessive combustion is likely to occur during the processing, which affects the processing quality.

(4) When cutting high-reflection materials such as aluminum, the laser cutting machine is required to have anti-reflection light function.

(5) For a laser cutting machine with a flying light path, if the optical path is not equipped, it will not be possible to cut the same quality product at different positions on the workbench.

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