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Components of an automatic height adjuster used in fiber laser cutting machines
Jul 16, 2019

The fiber laser cutting machine is a very superior device, and its own mechanical composition is also very precise. Different components allow the device to have different functions, allowing the fiber laser cutting machine to cut as desired.

The fiber optic laser cutting machine uses an automatic height adjuster series, which is composed of four product components, including: capacitive automatic height adjuster. Arc voltage type automatic adjustment High-level. Three torch-controlled height adjusters and high-performance capacitor height adjusters.

1. Three torch control (control) height adjuster: mechanical three torch is automatically split gram control, stable and reliable work;

2. Arc-pressure automatic height adjuster: its small size, light weight, stable and reliable, and high cost performance;

3. Capacitive automatic height adjuster: The high-tech regulation of its regulation is mature and reliable, and a number of maintenance circuit systems ensure stable and reliable work, and the cost performance is very high;

4. High-performance capacitor height adjuster: The volume is very small, the height-adjusting technology is very mature, and the performance can be comparable to the related product of Burny Company (American).

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