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Method for determining edge trimming by fiber laser cutting machine
Jul 16, 2019

    The fiber laser cutting machine determines the method characteristics of the trimming line: the cutting completely adapts to the complex changes of the covered product, completely simulates the actual mold production status, does not require manual correction, fast speed, short cycle and good cutting quality.

    The program programmed by the fiber laser cutting machine no longer retains the manual correction amount, but is a three-dimensional engineering sequence that is completely consistent with the theoretical trimming line and is directly used for the cutting product. It ensures that the cutting process is always consistent with the actual trimming state, without the condition that the two-dimensional scribing does not. The entire cutting process is not manually intervened, ensuring that the products obtained in each processing are consistent with the digital model, so that the trimming line that was originally required to be explored several times can be minimized to only three to four times.

    When fiber laser cutting machine is used for metal processing, wire cutting has higher precision and can cut thick plates, but its disadvantage is that the speed is very slow, sometimes it needs other methods to pierce and thread. Cutting is performed, and the cutting size is also greatly limited. Laser cutting can punch and cut materials, and the cutting speed is fast, and the processing size range is much larger than the wire cutting. Laser cutting is currently widely used in the metalworking industry, with high laser cutting speed and high precision. It has an absolute advantage in the cutting of sheet metal such as medium-thin sheet, aluminum sheet, stainless steel (stainless acid-resistant steel), which is why fiber laser cutting machine can not be replaced. It is believed that as people's demand for laser cutting products continues to increase, Fiber laser cutting opportunities are becoming more popular.

    Fiber laser cutting machines are very different from other methods. For some metal parts, we can adopt the punching and shearing method, which is efficient, fast, and low cost, but requires specific molds and tools. The cutting is performed only on the thinnest plate, and the laser segmentation of the fiber laser splitter is flexible compared with the segmentation method, and the workpiece can be divided and processed at any time without using a mold. The punching process will be difficult or impossible to implement and is therefore not widely used. Flame cutting is also one of the commonly used cutting processes in the metal field. The thickness range of cutting is also very large, but compared with laser cutting, the quality and precision of the cutting surface is relatively poor, but the thickness and processing range are larger than laser cutting, so Finer fiber laser cutting machines are generally used.

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