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How to deal with fiber laser cutting machine does not emit light?
Jul 17, 2019

1. Inspect the water tank (component: high water tank, storage tank, low water tank) is not an alarm

Alarm, connect the water inlet and outlet of the water tank with a pipe, and energize the water tank to see if it is an alarm. If the alarm indicates that there is a problem with the water tank (Emerson), if it does not alarm, it means the laser water channel. Nowhere, the inspection of the water pipe is not blocked or bent, or there are debris in the water.

Do not alarm, check whether the power supply fan is rotating, the laser power supply fan is rotating, you can use the short-circuit laser power supply 2, 3 feet, whether the laser tube is illuminated, the light indicates that the control card is loose or the motion control card is damaged. . Without light, the laser power supply needs to be replaced in time. Generally, the laser tube damage is rare. Looking at the high-voltage end of the laser tube, is there a sparking phenomenon, which will burn out electronic components and boards. The laser power supply fan does not rotate. You can use the electric pen to test whether the power supply at both ends of the laser is powered. A little bit indicates that the power supply is damaged. If there is no power, continue to check the laser power switch.

2. The machine does not emit light, and the operation controller is not very familiar with the machine operation process. To check the following aspects:

Whether the laser splitter power can be turned on.

Whether the water tank is open.

The laser cutting machine operates to control the decorative panel and the power is correct. Or the computer software parameters are correct.

Whether the light path is normal. (Click the light to see if the laser tube is bright, bright and the laser head is out, then there is a problem with the light path)

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