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How to solve the common problems of YAG laser welding machine
Apr 24, 2018

YAG laser welding machine is a kind of welding for a variety of metals, alloys, steel and other materials. It is mainly through the reflection of the laser, expanding the beam, focusing radiation to the surface of the product to make the product partially melted so that the product can be welded. However, when there is a problem with the machinery and equipment, it needs to be repaired. The problem often caused by this type of YAG laser welding machine is that laser light weakens. When the laser becomes weak, it is impossible for the product to reach the melting point and the product cannot be welded. What should we do to solve this situation?

Here, we share with you two solutions for the weak light of the YAG laser welding machine.

1, check the lens and light path

(1) check the protection of the light outlet) whether the lens is dirty, if dirty, wipe the lens with a tissue or cotton swab to wipe the lens clean. (Because smoke is not enough for welding, smoke will protect the protective lens.)

(2) open the lid to see under the anti-reverse, semi-reverse these two lenses are dirty, if dirty also need to wipe clean.

(3) Remove the front and rear protective cover of the Xenon lamp. The Xenon lamp is not dirty under the mirror inspection. If there is any, it needs to be cleaned (do not rub it too hard. Be careful not to wipe off the Xenon lamp mirror)

(4) The beam expander is also under inspection. If it is dirty, it must be carefully cleaned.

(5) The lenses are wiped clean. We can also adjust the lower light path (by adjusting the adjustment valve on the full-reverse and semi-reverse seats to adjust the intensity of the laser) and adjust the laser to the ideal effect (ie, the brightest spot, most When bright).

(6) Under the product test, if the melting point is reached and the welding effect is satisfactory, it means that the reason for the weakening of the laser light is due to the problem of the lens being dirty or the problem of the light path. Which weak problem is solved.

2, replace the lamp

We wiped our lenses clean and our lasers were optimal. The weak problem has not been resolved. Which means that there is a problem with our Xenon lamp. At this time, we can only replace the Xenon lamp.

Replace the xenon lamp steps:

(1) Dismantle the electrodes locked at both ends of the xenon lamp

(2) Remove the fixtures on both ends of the deuterium lamp

(3) Remove the Xenon lamp and replace it with a new Xenon lamp (the Xenon lamp cannot be reversed)

(4) Mount the holder (the holder must be locked so that no water leakage occurs)

(5) Electrode lock (note that the positive and negative poles cannot be reversed)

(6) Adjust the light path to the most satisfactory effect

(7) put the product to debug

At this point, the YAG laser welding machine has weak light and the problem of insufficient melting point of the product is solved.

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