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Shanghai Kechuang opera with the new term X-ray preview prospects 2
Feb 07, 2018

R & D and transformation of functional platform: is based on the key technologies, major products, industrial chain, industrial technology innovation system to build the basic skeleton and nodes, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, leading the industrial restructuring and upgrading. It is a basic platform that can directly support Shanghai's economic and social development and brings tangible benefits to Shanghai through technological innovation. At present, the planned R & D and conversion functional platform mainly aims at the major needs of the economic development of the country and Shanghai. It focuses on the biomedical industry, new material industry, new generation of information technology industry, advanced manufacturing industry and innovation and entrepreneurship services. A number of common technologies R & D, industrialization of results is expected to make positive progress in this, a number of innovative enterprises to speed up incubation. By 2020, the city will foster the formation of about 30 R & D and conversion functional platforms, and the Zhangjiang Comprehensive National Science Center will jointly form the "Four Beams and Eight Pillars" built by Shanghai Kechuang Center.

International Human Phenotype Major Scientific Program: This program will systematically characterize the phenotypic characteristics of healthy, sub-healthy, disease-specific and special-ability populations based on large-scale phenotypic data to achieve basic research in genetic and developmental health management and medical treatment Application of convergence, the development of personalized health control strategies and individualized diagnosis and treatment of medical programs for the precision medicine, precision health and large-scale development of health industry to provide original results. At present, Shanghai has already got in touch with scientists from many countries in the United States and Europe and obtained huge amounts of data. The "Human Phenotype Group Program" has become another strategic ground after the "Human Genome Project", providing a new breakthrough for biomedical research and will lead the development of biomedicine.

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