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CNC Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Product Name: CNC Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Classification: Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Application: Metal, etc.
Place Of Origin: China

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Product Details

Product Parameters

1.jpg CNC control language: Besides English, we have professional Russian, Spanish, German language, we can also support local agent to translate any language in need

1.jpg IPG: 500,700, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000, 8000,10000W

1.jpg Trumpf : 2000W, 3000W, 4000W, 6000W, 10000W

1.jpg Raycus: 500, 750, 1000, 1500W

1.jpg Machine size:3015, 4015, 4020, 6015, 6020, 6023, 6025, 6525, 8020, 8025, 9520, 12025, 13030….. We customize as your metal sheet size

1.jpg Machine type: Single table, auto feeding shuttle table

1.jpg Enclosed table, open table all available

1.jpg Plate and tube cutting table,  tube cutting machine available

Product Advantages

1.jpg Support different images format as Al, DXF, PLT, Gerber, can read standard ISO G codes from MaterCam, Type3 such nesting software.

1.jpg Automatically optimization when open or lead in DXF file, like delete repeated line, merge connected lines, recognize in/out cutting file and file sorting out. User can decide to manually do above work, or let controller do it automatically.

1.jpg Support conventional picture edit functions

1.jpg Following what you see is what you get, to set lead in/out, kerf compensation, merge, bridge, over burning, save gap ….etc

1.jpg Unique function of Preview of cutting work flow.

1.jpg Support segmental pierce, Progressive pierce, Pre-pierce, power pierce,separately setting output laser watt, frequency, laser type, air type, pressure, auto cutting height during pierce and cutting.

1.jpg Support to set separate lead in/out speed according to adjustment of laser power.

1.jpg Big storage, allowing user to save all cutting parameters to use it again on same material.

1.jpg Breakpoint recovery, CNC can return to the point where the cutting stopped, allowing partial file cutting. It can go to any point to start there after stop or pause.

1.jpg Same software can support round tube cutting and plate cutting, programming is same, and support intersect cutting.

1.jpg Support to cut at set height, automatically seek edge, and start from outside of workpiece, or lift up when torch is out of workpiece.

1.jpg Powerful expanding capability, over 15 PLC process programming, over 30 programmable processes.

1.jpg Input/output and alarm input are programmable, support wireless remote control, and support internet …

Product Features

1.jpg Gantry dual drive, adopting advanced gear rack transmission structure. Equipped with grinding gear and rack, and through the precision collimator one time metering assembly. The machine will secure long-term high cutting speed, high precision transmission.

1.jpg The machine table machined by large planomiller, with high temperature annealing twice, and high strength complete welding, customer will have long-term payback.


Our Services:

Pre-sale services: enthusiasm

We provide you with the process plan, process flow design and manufacturer equipment according to your special demand.

Sale services: servant

Send technicians to the job site for guiding the installation and adjustment of CNC Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, training operators and finishing the check and accept together with you.

After-sale services: faithfulness

To establish long term friendship, we will regularly pay return visit to customers.

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