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Stainless Steel Laser Welding Machine

Stainless Steel Laser Welding Machine LB-AW400

Stainless Steel Laser Welding Machine LB-AW400

Widely used in mobile communications, electronics, clocks and watches, glasses, jewelry accessories, metal products, precision instruments, medical equipment, auto parts, process gifts, etc....

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Product Details

Product Details:
Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Yag laser machine
Model Number:LB-AW400

Detailed Product Description
Laser Power:Laser Heat TreatmentVoltage:380V/50Hz/60A
Control Systems:Microcomputer ControlPulse Width:0.2~20ms
Certification:CEFocal Spot Diameter:0.1~3mm
Pulse Width:≤20msPositioning Method:

Red Light, CCD



Product Parameters

Laser Output Power200W300W400W
Laser Wavelength1064nm1064nm1064nm
Spot adjustment range0.1-3.0mm0.1-3.0mm0.1-3.0mm
Pulse width≤20ms≤20ms≤20ms
Pulse frequency≤50Hz≤50Hz≤50Hz
Positioning methodRed light, CCD monitoring system
Working table stoke300x200mm300x200mm300x200mm
Positioning precision0.02mm0.02mm0.02mm
Repeated precision±0.01mm±0.01mm±0.01mm
Table load-bearing50KG50KG50KG
Electricity demand380V / 50Hz / 40A380V / 50Hz / 60A380V / 50Hz / 60A

Host power 


Cooling methodWater-coolingWater-coolingWater-cooling

Laser welding can be used in titanium, nickel, tin, zinc, copper, aluminum, chromium, niobium, gold, silver and other metals and their alloys, and steel, kovar alloy, alloy welding between the same material.

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