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The advantages of laser cutting machine wins over traditional cutting machine
Jul 23, 2019

Laser cutting machines are now a very common cutting machine. They are widely used because laser cutting machines have leading processing technology. When cutting things, not only the power is high, but also the cutting effect is very good. There is no way to compare the advantages of traditional cutting. Laser cutting machines use high-density laser beams to cut things and cut them at high temperatures. The processing characteristics of the laser cutting machine are fast speed, narrow cutting, smooth appearance and small heat-affected area. These characteristics are important factors for the success of laser cutting machines and traditional cutting machines. The laser cutting machine not only improves the power and quality of the products during processing, but also saves the processing cost to a certain extent, and overcomes the unnecessary waste of resources in the original cutting process. Compared with traditional cutting, laser cutting has the following six advantages:

1. The cutting speed is fast, which can further increase the power, which is more than ten times the original production power.

2. The processing technology is fine, the cutting mouth is very narrow, and the slit is small, but the cutting precision is excellent, and the micro parts can be processed and cut with difficulty.

3. The laser-cut surface is smooth and can be used without repeated processing, which saves process and labor costs and plays an excellent job optimization role.

4. The heat affected area of cutting in the cutting operation is small, the data around the slit is not affected, and the probability of deformation of the workpiece is small, and the cut quality of the product is excellent.

5. The laser splitter does not touch the nozzle and the workpiece during cutting, which will greatly reduce the wear of things (a basic type of component failure) and reduce unnecessary production costs.

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