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High-speed high-precision 3D panoramic real-time scanner developed at Northeastern University
Feb 05, 2018

February 4, the reporter learned that, with Professor Tong northeast University led the research team to develop a high-speed high-precision three-dimensional panoramic real-time scanner. The traditional 3D scanner is generally completed after the scan to model, this can be achieved while scanning the modeling, just 5 seconds to complete 360 ° panoramic scan of the object, the detection rate of industrial parts defects greatly improved.

In addition to industrial product quality inspection, the 3D panoramic real-time scanner is widely used to measure the distance between the scanner and the measured object and can be used for depth measurement; it can replace the laser radar to navigate and obstacle the robot; it can scan physical goods, Generate point cloud and point cloud registration, the registered model will be uploaded to the shopping network display.

Based on the actual needs of three-dimensional panoramic scan, Jia Tong and his team will be locked in here, painstaking research. Jia Tong introduced: "In the development process, the visible light in the natural lighting is relatively strong environment, excessive noise, resulting in errors, resulting in decreased measurement accuracy." In response to this problem, the team members repeatedly tested for the first time in the scanner to join all To the structure of light and hyperboloid camera, the combination of the two can be real-time access to high-speed high-precision three-dimensional panoramic object measured information. Through the active control of the camera and the laser, it can effectively filter the artificial light source in the environment, weaken the interference of the noise to the depth measurement and accurately complete the depth measurement.

The newly developed scanner can scan with high precision and high speed under any light conditions, and is mainly used for obtaining the three-dimensional data of the object contour, the accuracy of the engraving process of the three-dimensional handicrafts, the design error of the abrasive manufacturing, the detection of the crack of the metal workpiece, Multiple fields. Proven, the three-dimensional panoramic real-time scanner detection accuracy of up to 97%.

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