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Metal Laser Engraving Machine Copper Aluminium

Metal Laser Engraving Machine Copper Aluminium

Fiber Laser Marking Machine adopted original fiber laser source and high speed galvanometer scanning system with stable power, excellent optical mode, beam with high quality, fast marking speed, good effects and high efficiency, it can meet the demand for mass production....

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Product Details

Product Details
Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Raycus Laser Source
Model Number:LB-MF20

Detailed Product Description
Application:Laser Engraving On MetalCertificate:CE , FDA
Laser Power:30WLaser Source:Germany IPG
Engraving Area:110x110mmControl Software:EZCAD
Cooling System:Air-coolingPower Consumption:0.8KW
Power Supply:220V / 50HzKeywords:Metal Deep Laser Engraving


Machine Features


1 Advanced intelligent core,upgraded control card

2 One PC can control several machines at the same time

3 Tablet PC can be as a controller by wireless interface

4 Small bulk,light weight,working speed increased by 20%

5 Intelligent control,easy operation,labor cost saving

Technical Parameters

Laser Power10W20W30W
Laser wavelength1064nm1064nm1064nm
Beam qualityM2≤1.3M2≤1.3M2≤1.3
Laser repetition rate20KHz~80KHz20KHz~80KHz20KHz~200KHz
Working area50×50mm~110×110mm70×70mm~175×175mm70×70mm~200×200mm
Marking speed≤7000mm/s≤8000mm/s≤8000mm/s
minimum line width0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm
Repeated precision±0.001mm±0.001mm±0.001mm
Cooling systemair-cooledair-cooled

Standard Accessories 

(1) A set of 20W / 30W Fiber Laser Device (Raycus) or IPG Fiber Laser

(2) A set of Scanning System (Galvotech)

(3) A set of high-speed Scan Lens (Singapore Ronar-Smith)

(4) 110mm x110mm Fiber Focus Lens (Singapore Ronar-Smith)

(5) A set of Laser Beam Expanders (Singapore Ronar-Smith)

(6) Motion control card

(7) A set of marking control system

(8) A set of marking software

(9) An industrial computer 

(10) A red laser pointer

(11) A pedal switch

(12) Working table(300mmX300mm)

(13) Laser power supply

(14) Operation Manual Training Video

Our Service

Spot delivery, including delivering small batches of goods

Provide wide-range and complete materials series products

Cutting plates, including complex shapes of materials and special processing and disposal

Cutting bars and strips

Our application technology expert provide the best material and recommendation

One-stop service

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    Office Mob: +8615524105871
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