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Mini Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Mini Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Product Name: Mini Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Classification: Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Application: Metal, Plywood, Wood, etc.
Place Of Origin: China

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Product Details

Product Parameters

Model parametersEO-10fEO-20fEO-30fEO-50f
Laser power10w20w30w50w
Laser wavelength1060nm1060nm1060nm1060nm
Beam qualitym2<1.5m2<1.5m2<1.5m2<1.5
Laser repetition frequency≤100KHz≤100KHz≤100KHz≤100KHz
Standard range of standards110*110mm110*110mm110*110mm110*110mm
Matching standard range150*150mm150*150mm150*150mm150*150mm
Carving depth≤1.2mm≤1.2mm≤1.2mm≤1.2mm
Engraving line speed≤12000mm/s≤12000mm/s≤12000mm/s≤12000mm/s
Minimum line width0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm
Minimum character0.05mm0.05mm0.05mm0.05mm
Repeat accuracy±0.001mm±0.001mm±0.001mm±0.001mm
Power consumption of the whole machine≤500W≤500W≤500W≤500W
Maintenance time for the whole machine100000h100000h100000h100000h
electricity demand200v/50-60Hz200v/50-60Hz200v/50-60Hz200v/50-60Hz
cooling methodAir-cooledAir-cooledAir-cooledAir-cooled



Product Advantages

1.jpg Our Mini Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine system has the auto focus function of independent intellectual property rights. Through the visual positioning system, without physical movement of the workpiece or laser marking machine can achieve auto focus marking, even if the thickness of the subtle differences can also automatically adjust the focal length to achieve automatic tracking marking.

1.jpg Senzed for high-end customers to provide the highest level of protection of precision laser equipment, equipment using fully enclosed processing space, user-friendly operating platform, equipment does not close the door is not processed, automatic fault alarm, emergency automatic power, professional laser filter window.


Our Services:

Pre-sale services: enthusiasm

We provide you with the process plan, process flow design and manufacturerMini Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine according to your special demand.

Sale services: servant

Send technicians to the job site for guiding the installation and adjustment of Mini Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine, training operators and finishing the check and accept together with you.

After-sale services: faithfulness

To establish long term friendship, we will regularly pay return visit to customers.

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    Office Mob: +8615524105871
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